A new report says that Apple has become the lead market for headphones

Apple Airpods

When you think of headphones, you might think of brands such as Bose and Sennheiser, and Audio Technica and Sony etc of other brands, and it’s likely to be Apple’s latest brand thinking. But according to a study conducted by the foundation MIDiA Research specialized in the scratch the market, it appears that the Apple company says the market for headphones.

No doubt you’re asking how to enable Apple to do that? Well, this is partly due to the leadership of Apple assemble headphones EarPods with the iPhone. Then there are also headphones AirPods which was ridiculed by everyone when it was unveiled for the first time, but since then turned out to be one of the most successful wireless earbuds in the market, so much so that it was difficult to get them in time.

Then there is also the acquisition of Apple company Beats, which is already one of the leading companies in the field of fish products and audio in general. All of this is apparently to make Apple acquires 24 percent of the fish market, which makes it ahead of its competition, such as Sony-which take up 22 percent of this market.

As for other brands the most established, has replaced the company Panasonic in second place, followed by Bose ranked fourth and Skullcandy ranked fifth. We are not sure how accurate this report is, but if true, this actually is amazingly.


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