A new report says that Apple made ” a firm offer ” to acquire the company Tesla


There were rumors long ago that Apple is interested in making their own car. Because the company does not have experience in the auto industry, has made it clear the rumors as well that Apple would spend money to acquire one of the specialized companies in the automotive industry. Many felt that the acquisition of the company Tesla will represent a good deal for Apple, and one of the analysts now that Apple ” made a firm offer ” to buy a Tesla in 2013.

Claims analyst Craig Irwin from the institution, Roth Capital Partners during his interview to CNBC that Apple offer a serious take on the company Tesla in the year 2013 through the provision of about $ 240 dollars per share. It is not known to what extent I went to the negotiations at that stage because the company did not provide any formal introduction at all.

Says Craig Irwin that he has achieved with more than one source, and that he has ” full confidence ” in that this information is reliable. We can only take his word because there are no other reports, especially from the year 2013 indicate that there were talks between Apple and Tesla about deal acquisition potential.

Turned the ambitions of Apple in the car later to get enough to develop the technology of self-driving instead of developing real policies. And if Apple will again in the possession of the company Tesla, remains in doubt. However, the value of the shares of company Tesla is now worth a little over $ 200 per share, so this page looks more attractive now compared to as 240 US dollars per share provided by Apple in the year 2013.

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