A new report says that he governed on the base wireless charging AirPower failure


Was the iPhone X is the first phone from Apple that supports wireless charging technology. At that time, the Apple also detects the first base for wireless charging of its own which bear the name of AirPower. A lot has happened since the moment the company Apple detects AirPower in the last year. In fact, I’ve had Apple since the launch of iPhone X next to the two phones the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and is now saying a few days ago detects iPhone XR and iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, but I didn’t realized Apple never for the base wireless charging AirPower when it detects its new smart phones. According to multiple reports, it appears that the ambitious Apple to create a comprehensive solution for wireless charging ” doomed to failure “.

It’s been a year since Apple’s announcement of the base wireless charging AirPower. Apple didn’t say anything about it, he chose to ignore the talk about this supplement in the event that which revealed the iPhone XS and iPhone XR new, and it turns out also a few days ago they had to remove the indicators to AirPower from its official website on the internet.

When Apple announced about AirPower for the first time, she explained to us the company it is able to charge the iPhone and Apple Watch and AirPods with the expected energy at the same time making it a comprehensive solution for wireless charging. And the multiple reports that Apple faced many problems in making AirPower work properly. Says John Gruber of the site of the Fireball that the Chargers that depend on the design of the multi-Winders exposed to the high temperature, and Apple’s difficulty in reaching a solution.

The boats of the famous Sonny Dickson confirms the same thing that he said is that AirPower suffer from the problem of high temperature, the base wireless charging this difficulty in communicating with the hardware which makes it difficult for them to know the level of energy in the battery of the devices that shipped. Moreover, it is also argued that the attempt to charge multiple devices on AirPower leads to interference problems between them. He adds that the product seem to be ” doomed to failure “.

It is unclear right now whether Apple will charge base wireless charging AirPower and when this may happen. However, we believe based on everything we’ve heard so far is that this is not possible in the near future.



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