A new report says that Huawei used the tactics of ” suspicious ” to steal technical secrets

Huawei Company

Tend a lot of companies to ” borrow ” features from each other, where the company launched the killer feature for a product or service, and after a brief show of another company offering something similar. Unfortunately for Huawei, a recent report claims that police resorted already to some of the tactics are ” shady ” to steal the technology secret to prevent their competitors.

According to a new report released recently from the website of The Information, he cites various examples from the try Huawei payment one of the suppliers of Apple to disclose information about the company’s products. And, apparently, arranged company Huawei a meeting with one of the suppliers of Apple, to discuss contract manufacturing potential, but instead, tried Huawei the pressure on this company to get details about sensor heart rate of the user in hours Apple Watch smart.

It is said that Huawei used a similar strategy against the companies, other technology, and not Apple only, such as Cisco and Motorola, and Akhan Semiconductor. Even the U.S. Department of Justice alleging that the company has a Huawei program rewards employees who are successful in the theft of information relating to other companies, and vary the value of rewards based on the extent of the confidentiality of such information.

It is not clear what the validity of these claims, so it is best to deal with the least amount of credibility. However, this is not the first time that we hear reports about the theft of one of the corporate secrets of other companies. In the past, we’ve heard that he has been stealing technology flip phones of Samsung and sale company in China.

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