A new report says that Microsoft is interested in acquisition of US company Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts is one of the largest companies specialized in the video game industry, though not the largest, which means she stands behind a large number of video games, and apparently this can be something you care about Microsoft, at least according to a new report recently released from the location of Polygon stating that his own sources told him that Microsoft could be interested in acquisition of US company Electronic Arts.

Report Polygon talking about the absence of a lot of exclusive games for the Xbox, as well as the lack of it on a bunch of other games like Street Fighter V, which confirmed previously that it will not reach to the Xbox One. The report speaks of the way that can be solved by company Microsoft problem exclusive, have indicated that interviews with analysts that the acquisition is probably the best area to buy Microsoft at the moment.

The report says : ” it was the latest what we have heard from a reliable source close to Microsoft, is actually the company Electronic Arts. We also heard some whispers around the Valve and around the South Korean company PUBG Corp, which signed with Microsoft last year to get temporary exclusivity to the shooting game Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether Microsoft will eventually acquired the company Electronic Arts, or whether this is just something I decided to study it at the time, but in both cases, he stated the President and CEO of SuperData Research is specialized in market research, Mr. Joost van Dreunen said : ” Because of where we are in the life cycle of all these things, I expect to hear Microsoft announce something in the very near future “.


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