A new report says that the most famous iOS apps verify income data places users

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Prepare charts for the App Store the App Store is a great way to see what everybody else uses. in the current time and what apps are most popular at the moment. Unfortunately, it seems that some of these applications are not explicit because according to a new report released recently, it appears that some of the iOS apps these income verification for the data for your site.

Says the report issued by the foundation Sudo Security Group led by security researcher Will Strafach that these applications vary in their functions, where there are some applications related to weather, while other applications use for fitness purposes. According to these researchers, has discovered the existence of code hidden mainly based participation of the user’s place with third party companies that verify income from those data.

Now, as users need to give those apps explicit permission with their sites, these applications can ” hide ” these powers in fact under the guise of providing weather information or help users track their progress while running.

And for those who are worried about whether one of these apps installed on their devices or not, they can head to site GuardianApp who knows the details of the findings of the police in addition to showing the applications that it turns out that they check the income data from the sites users. It also offers some tips on what users can do to try and limit or reduce this tracking.


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