A new report says that the shipments of iPhone X broke the barrier of 60 million units

iPhone X 2017

Link phone iPhone X to the market for ten months, and in this school she managed to get his shipments exceeded 60 million units.

In contrast, it took the iPhone 6 just six months to break the barrier of 60 million units, and within ten months was that the phone had been scooped shipments of 90 million units. However, given that it arrived into the market at a very high price, it has reaped the phone iPhone X the same revenue collected iPhone 6 in the first ten months, which amounted to 62 billion USD.

Interestingly, according to the statistics of the institution Counterpoint specialized in market research is that the iPhone X alone reaped revenues of more than revenue received by companies like Huawei, Vivo, Oppo and Xiaomi from charging their full in the past ten months. As you can expect, it has claimed the iPhone X a lot of sales in the United States of America and China, where they were charging more than half of the units of the iPhone X. For comparison, it has contributed to India increased by just 1 percent of the total.

Phone iPhone X it represents only one-third of all shipments of the iPhone in the last ten months, but it represents half of the revenue Apple sales of iPhone in the same period. Expects the institution Counterpoint to say the iPhone three new announced by Apple yesterday increased the company’s revenue from its smart phones, thanks to offer iPhone XR as an alternative to economic phone two iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.



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