A new report says that YouTube decided to stop creating Series own original

youtube dark

It was original content represents one of the ways that I thought YouTube that it would more people to subscribe to the Youtube service Premium. I tried that for a while, but it seems that the results were not satisfactory to the company. According to a new report released recently, it appears that YouTube has decided to cancel the series, two of the biggest serials of the original and is no longer accepting proposals for new loans.

I heard the news agency Bloomberg from its own sources that YouTube has canceled the series has a science fiction Origin and Overthinking with Kat & June. It is estimated that this comes as part of the capital of the company from the original content where they no longer want to compete with Netflix and other leading services in the field of broadcast movies and series and create original content. And for the first time in the last year that the company would make some changes to its plans for original content in the future.

The report states that the Youtube service Premium which has been launched originally under the name Youtube Red will not be completely discarded. This service will continue, but focus will shift from the original content of the music.

Thus, participants will be able to in the Youtube Premium get features focused on songs such as the ability to play music in the background. Invest YouTube also budding musicians. Will YouTube in to invest in some original content, but will focus on those efforts with content creators-creators who are active on its platform instead of Hollywood studios and stars.

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