A new report sheds light on the time frame for the advent of the Khalifa phone iPhone SE


We heard earlier a number of rumors about the next generation of Phone iPhone SE with science that is expected to be issued this phone in sometime during the first half of this year. According to a new report released recently, it appears that Khalifa phone iPhone SE will be released either in May or June next.

The last thing we heard about the successor phone to iPhone SE is that it will retain mostly the same dimensions, but it will come changes to the level design, and one of them include to provide the backend for this phone with a layer of glass to make it supports wireless charging technology. While this is still unofficial information, they are not surprising. Given that all iPhones that were released by Apple in the past year support the wireless charging technology, it is safe to say that all iOS devices coming from Apple in the future will support this feature because this is the natural evolution of events, not to mention the fact that Apple will be launching the base wireless charging AirPower later this year, so it is assumed that you Apple to include wireless charging technology in Khalifa phone iPhone SE to improve customer.

Regardless of the changes to the level design, it is expected to come Khalifa phone iPhone SE with a faster processor with more RAM, as it is expected to get it on the new cameras, as well as some other new features, although we do not expect to be a Face ID within these features to keep the manufacturing cost of the phone low.

Anyway, these are still just rumors at the moment, but given that Apple is silent when it comes to products coming, we will probably have to wait for a long time before we hear anything official.


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