A new report suggests launch movies and series of the buy Apple TV in the month of April next


It’s no secret that Apple is working on a streaming service of movies and series. The police were busy earning and D television program producers, writers, actors and buy the shows and movies in order to promote its own catalogue, but the big question is when Will you launch this service? According to the latest rumors that we have today, it is possible to see Apple launch this service in the month of April next.

This is in line with a previous report noted that the service broadcast films and serials and TV shows of for Apple will be released in the spring of this year, so the new time frame specified in the month of April seems logical. According to this new report, it appears that this service will be available free of charge for your devices current Apple TV with original content, as Will subscriptions in the services of the other broadcast. It is estimated that this includes Starz and Showtime, and Viacom.

For other services, such as HBO and Netflix, there’s a chance not to be a part of this. It seems that Apple is in talks with HBO, but these talks have yet to reach such advanced stages. Given that Amazon is offering a very lucrative deal for HBO, unlike the Apple TV, it would affect the decision of HBO.

Student many analysts of Apple’s build system to participate in its services because the services that rely on a subscription to generate a constant flow of revenue and profits unlike purchase services according to demand. As predicted by some analysts that Apple will be very large amounts of the service sector, which includes Apple Music. Given the extent of competitiveness in this sector, it seems to see whether I have Apple what it takes to succeed.

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