A new report suggests that Google Maps contain millions of fictitious companies

Google Maps

One of the things that he loves the people in the mapping service Google Maps is that they contain corporate information. This means that in addition to the ability to determine the location of the company or the store you want to visit, such service to provide additional details such as a link to the website of the museum or the police, hours of work, and evaluations of other customers to serve those stores or companies.

However, it seems that you have to deal with that information with the least amount of credibility because, according to the findings of the Wall Street Journal of America recently, it seems they found out that Google Maps actually considered home to millions of companies are counterfeit. According to the findings of the press, it appears that there are about 11 million and the inclusion of a fake or so.

Use these listings of counterfeit by competitors to drive away customers from competitors through the creation of fake addresses and phone numbers of fakes. Can also be used to impersonate companies in order to attract more customers to their stores instead of stores the actual. Also been using this strategy by the companies to reform the illusion that you may incur in the sometimes the payment of fees greater than those imposed on companies actual repair.

Responded to Google since then to change in a publication on her blog. official site. The company reported that it has since then removed all the listings of counterfeit that have been mentioned in the report, she also confirmed that she was working behind the scenes to try and remove listings of counterfeit wherever possible. The company also announced new safeguards I didn’t call it the name of ” high-risk groups ” to protect customers further.

Although this does not mean that all the cards the information on the mapping service Google Maps fake, it is better, apparently more research before you believe what you see simply.


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