A new report suggests the advent of smart phone foldable Sony in the next year under the name Xperia F

Galaxy Fold ---

You could say Sony is joining the market of smart phones collapsible to? It seems that there are rumors from China think so. Despite the fact that Sony went out of the smartphone market in all regions except for four regions, however, believes that the company is preparing to launch the first smart phone folding not under the brand Xperia F.

According to a report released today from China, we may see Sony launches her smart phone the first folding in the year 2020 under the name of Xperia F. it should be noted that the choice of Sony that name for its smart folding is not surprising given that the letter F represents the beginning of the word ” Foldable | folding “. It is further estimated that the phone Xperia F will feature a flexible OLED screen from Samsung, assumed to be this screen is the same screen used in the Galaxy Fold.

Rumors say that Sony will continue to focus on the screens long that we have seen in smart phones, modern in her smart phone rollaway also. It is rumored that the Xperia F will feature a screen with a height of 21:9, just like the Xperia 1. It is not clear whether this phone will device in 4K UHD on the lines of Xperia 1 or not. Apart from that, this phone rollaway will also support 5G, a technology that will become very common in devices developed by the year 2020.

Has not been confirmed any of it officially, as it did not even hint to it at the moment by Sony, so it is best to deal with everything that has been said so far with the least amount of protection.

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