A new report suggests the advent of the Galaxy A70S this year with camera with 64 megapixels

Galaxy A70

The phone still Samsung Galaxy A70 new on the shelves, but according to a new report released today, it seems that this phone is on the verge of receiving promotion at the level of the gear through the detection of Galaxy A70S. It is estimated that the latter will remain among the crowd because it will harm the camera has accurately 64 megapixels.

According to a source familiar with the matter, it seems that it will be launching the Galaxy A70S in the second half of this year with the sensor 64MP ISOCELL GW1 announced by Samsung recently. This is a sensor very large powered technology pixels translated Tetracell that operate on a collection of four pixels adjacent to the Pixel a great one to get the best shots possible and reduce the noise in the environments of low lighting and evaluate the Dynamic Range best.

All of this makes sense because this is in line with the strategy Samsung New Of Use new technologies in its smart phones available before you bring them into its smart phones leading. This also means that this sensor might make its way to Galaxy Note 10 as well.


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