A new report suggests the advent of the system of Apple augmented reality in late 2021


There were in the past rumors hinted that Apple is working on a new wearable is a system of augmented reality. But the question now is when will detect this device? Well, for those interested in seeing how she deals Apple with the market of augmented reality by a wearable, it seems that we have to wait for some time.

According to the analyst Gene Munster of the company Loup Ventures, it is believed that the system will detect Apple augmented reality in late 2021. According to the analyst Gene Munster, it has stated by saying : ” We expect to be entering Apple to augmented reality in three stages. First, we expect in this fall issue two or three new phones to join iPhone X, which uses advanced optical technology VCSEL “.

He added : ” secondly, you will become augmented reality applications created using the package software development augmented reality ARKit home the next gold for developers, commercial websites, and education. Finally, we expect to ask Apple system its augmented reality in the late of the year 2021 “. It should be noted that this is not the first time that predicts where analyst Gene Munster launch augmented reality goggles by Apple, it has previously predicted to be launched in 2020.

The reason behind the new estimates and subsequent to that after the interview many experts in the field of augmented reality, it turns out that these devices in general are still on after several years to become prevalent. Also considered Gene Munster that the adoption of such devices may be difficult since the concepts of safety surrounding the wearing of such devices due to the cameras compact.


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