A new report suggests the possibility that Apple acquired the company major media


We know that Apple is busy in getting new content for the service of movies and series and special programs. I’ve been confirmed already, but many people are wondering how Apple is planning a distribution of that content. Are you going to Apple do it myself, or that it will cooperate with the other party to do so on their behalf?

According to speculation Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter, he believes that Apple will most likely take possession of the company major media. While this is still just speculation, but it is not excluded completely. After all, the famous Apple being a technology company instead of being the entertainment company, but the company can get major media would give them the environment and relationships you need to succeed, plus it will give Apple a bunch of other offerings to be provided by the customers.

On this subject says Tim Goodman : ” can not Apple to think about the fact that its army of customers loyal to the brand they’ll pay about $ 9.99 a month for a series or more series, which may not be brilliant, may be a mixed bag or if you want to be optimistic more, even if the 13 are all great. Can’t Apple think that people would do that, is capable of that? “.

It is unclear what is the point of view of Apple at the moment, but please deal with all this as much as a few of the protection because it could not confirm anything. However, as we have said, the Tim Goodman offers a very good point here, and therefore it is not excluded completely, but it will have to wait and see what will happen in the end.



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