A new report suggests the probability that say, Sony acquired the company Take-Two


Take-Two is company may be some of the players are familiar with them. And for those who have not heard about this company before, they are considered the parent company for many studios specialized in the development of games, among these studios mention 2K Games and Rockstar. And now, we hear that there is a possibility that Sony acquired Take-Two.

This according to a new report released recently from the website Market Watch , which claims that Sony is currently conducting negotiations to acquire the company Take-Two. Details about the acquisition are scarce and everything mentioned in the report is that Sony’s experience ” advanced discussions to acquire the company Take-Two Interactive in an all cash deal in mostly “.

It is not clear what the validity of these rumors, why do you think any of the two companies do, so it is best to deal with the content of this report with the least amount of protection. However, in the case if this page already, water is going to be huge because they bring many of the defining games like Grand Theft Auto to the portfolio of Sony, and therefore you may decide or don’t decide a Japanese company to make it exclusive for Playstation.

Isn’t this also the first time that you talk about the possibility of the acquisition on the company Take-Two, it was speculated several years ago that Electronic Arts is interested in, to take possession of this company, but it seems that the funds provided by the company Electronic Arts has not been sufficient to influence the company, so it remains to be seen if Sony’s luck the biggest.

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