A new scandal – when to stop Facebook from spying on its users to?!

Hardly go through a period now without talking about the issue of loud and fancy Facebook in spying on users and the violation of their privacy, not the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica a year before the first or the last, which was the exploitation of users and their data personal for political purposes.

فضيحة جديدة - متى يتوقف فيسبوك عن التجسس على مستخدميه؟!

A new scandal – when to stop Facebook from spying on its users to?!

Facebook is spying behind the curtain!

A new report published by The Wall Street Journal of America confirmed the Facebook application collects data from several other apps once you have accessed to the user invisibly and without any disclosure about it.

More than that, is the collection of those data from the applications even if the user does not have the recognition on his account in Facebook to log in to it, or even if I don’t have an account in Facebook from the foundation.

What is the nature of data acquired by Facebook?

It’s strict data privacy and sensitivity where some apps Health and fitness information on the health of the user as weight and blood pressure such as the application Instant Heart Rate Famous which is developed by the company Azumio as the application of transfer the heart rate of the user of Facebook.

Another example is the application of the Flo Period and Ovulation tracking menstrual cycle and the ovulation in females and has a popular base of more than 25 million subscribers. Says this app is to inform Facebook of the dates of the menstrual cycle for female participants and if what we intend to embarking on the pregnancy!

تطبيقات تتجسس على المستخدمين لصالح فيسبوك!

Apps spying on users in favor of Facebook!

Check the newspaper The Wall Street Journal included 11 application to a different platform on my Andorid and iOS have in common that they apply the same popular, fairly spacious, and possess information highly the privacy of users!

Why would you share that app data with Facebook?

The motivation behind sending the customer data and the users of those applications to Facebook is the desire of the developers of those apps to take advantage of the services of Facebook analytics to that data and thus test the Facebook ads more targeted and bring more profits to the developers of hand and Facebook on the other hand on account of the violation of user privacy!

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