A new sensor for the Apple watch can measure the levels of potassium blood


Brought to The verge of the American light on the sensor carries the name of the AliveCor KardiaBand compatible with hours Apple Watch , which can detect dangerous levels of potassium in blood with an accuracy of 94 percent.

Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved yet, it is an important device, and it replaced the injections and traditional methods to monitor the levels of potassium.

According to the report, which was published on the website ” theverge “ , has developed a device KardiaBand by the company AliveCor can be linked bracelet smart watch, and what the user is touching the sensor which reads the activity of the electrical force that allows the ECG electrical (EKG), and can detected rhythm is abnormal in heart fibrillation and, thus, sends the sensor information to the application built-hourly.


Can cause increased potassium in the blood to the injury diabetes and dehydration and chronic kidney disease, which leads to the failure in the functions of the heart and kidneys, and interfere increase the proportion of potassium with active electrical cells, including heart cells, which means that a certain pattern of the EKG can reveal a lot of potassium.

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