A new set of leaked images of the phone OnePlus 6 reveal the design from all angles

OnePlus 6-6

Spread today on the internet a new set of leaked images apparently of the phone OnePlus 6, and which is said to be linked to the formal announcement of the phone, and with this photo you can see the phone from all angles, and also confirmed previous leaks, the phone will get a little cut in the screen top, as it seems to site reader prints clear in the back bottom of the camera.

This phone will not contain the technical insight combined with the screen, it comes with AMOLED screen upscale the dimensions of the 19:9 and resolution HD Plus, and in terms of price, it is expected to reach the cost of the phone to 519 euros for the version with 64 GB of RAM, and 569 euros for the 128 GB of RAM.

In relation to the rest of the specifications, it is foreseeable that the features of the phone in the folds of the Processor Snapdragon 845, and is supposed to come equipped with a RAM size of 6GB, and front camera accurately 16 megapixel and other wallpaper Double accurately 16 megapixels sensor first and 20 megapixels sensor II, in addition to a battery with a capacity of 3300mAh.

As usual, it seems that this phone will maintain the reputation of OnePlus in providing high-end phones at competitive prices.

OnePlus 6-8
OnePlus 6-7
OnePlus 6-6
OnePlus 6-5
OnePlus 6-4
OnePlus 6-3
OnePlus 6-2
OnePlus 6-1
OnePlus 6

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