A new social app free Messaging through the publication of case

التطبيق الاجتماعي الجديد فاضي للتراسل عبر نشر الحالة

التطبيق الاجتماعي الجديد فاضي للتراسل عبر نشر الحالة

We seek when we see the application of the cart trying to the apps world famous, as we have seen in the initiative that we launched several months ago now, which we sought through the deployment and marketing of applications and emerging Arab, we have seen innovative ideas in these applications, not to mention its focus on ease of use, as well as their usefulness deep in any area of life.

In another subject with us for the day one app Arabic to the point where it is applied to “empty” available on both Android and iOS, in respect of the definition the application is a social network to exploit the times and communicate through the time line displays the status of the people (what they do, what they want done and their availability) than can the others figure it out and thus join them.

Thus formed the idea of the app is in enabled you the possibility to update the status display to show people you know, and when you see the need to begin the process of communication and messaging, with reference in each case is published by its owner says select a time by choosing a specific website and choose the people you wish to share.

Finally application Free is available to download for free and full from on Android and iOS, to move to here and here respectively.

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