A new species of cats with muscular and nocturnal

Among the inhabitants of the Mediterranean island of Corsica was a popular legend of the predatory cat that hunts at night to steal chickens and sheep and goat milk. For the first time scientists became interested in the stories of local residents in 2008, and after a while do have found signs of the existence of a mysterious animal. It turned out that previously unknown to science cat is very rare, leads a mostly nocturnal life and has the utmost care, and that’s why almost never catches the eye of people.

The first signs of the existence of the legendary cats were found in 2012, when the researchers found in the forests of the island of incense sticks to attract the attention of the animal and the collection of his DNA. The cat fell into the trap, and left on the stick tufts of fur, ideal for genetic identification. The analysis showed that an unknown creature is very similar to the African steppe cat, but later she found significant differences.

Cats with nocturnal

About the features of the new cats became known in 2016, when researchers finally managed to catch 12 species presumably new species and establish them chips for tracking. Locals called the cat unpronounceable name ghjattuvolpe, which can be translated as the cat-Fox. At the same time, she has no common biological traits with foxes — just on her tail has stripes, and the tip painted black.

While the body length of Pets from head to tail is about 75 cm, the length of the body of the new individual of a species attains 90 cm. He also has a very dense layer of wool, which effectively protects against fleas and ticks. Of course, to survive in the wild, cats have got strong muscles and large, sturdy teeth. In the video below you can see that cats have different color eyes — this feature is found only in one individual and, most likely, arose from the injury.

Researchers believe that the aforementioned cat appeared on the Islands where some 6500 years ago, and may have middle Eastern origins. There is some probability that scientists actually don’t have discovered a new species, and are dealing with a hybrid of two different species of wild cats. One of the progenitors of the hybrid can be cats living on the nearby island of Sardinia.

Incorrect discoveries

Previously, scientists have already made similar errors. For example, in 2018, in the state of Montana was an alleged hybrid of a wolf and dog. DNA analysis and other research quickly dispelled this assumption — studied animals was just an old wolf.

Discovering new species of animals quite common, though most often researchers are able to detect only their remains — most of species are already extinct. One such species is the predator Simbakubwa kutokaafrika — this massive cat lived in Africa, about 22 million years ago and was larger than polar bears.

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