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Posted on : Sunday May 24, 2020 – 12:32 pm | Last updated : Sunday, May 24, 2020 – 12:32 pm

Became the printing elements of the biodiversity of the techniques rising in the recent period, where they rely on the integration of industrial materials such as hydrogen with living cells and growth for the manufacture of tissue, but the members of the human style of living tissue natural.

Among the applications print the elements of biological, industrial tissue of the bone suitable for humans, especially since the treatment of fractures and injuries of the bone by conventional methods is usually a tedious process, slow and costly.

Transfer of the website “Science Daily” specialized in technology, researchers are Kia gender, Department of Biological Engineering at the University “A & M” Paul of Texas, as saying that it is now possible to manufacture tissue Bony to be a substitute for conventional bone for fractures and deformities of the skull and problems with the jaw bones.

He explained under that the process of printing materials require a vital that contain living cells are pumped like a fluid in places of fractures, to be able to act within a short time once exposed to the outside air, adding that these “inks, biological”, as he described it, play the role of a vector of cells and units of the skeleton at the same time.

Developed a team of study at the university under the leadership of the gender quality of the inks by the science and engineering of nanomaterials, namely, inks, biological, dubbed “nice”, characterized by its ability to provide greater support to the tissue of the bone, and thus can be converted into the pillars to install the pieces of broken bone.

This technique allows the industry different types of human tissue such as cutting of the ear arteries of the blood and cartilage of the bones and cut full of bones.

The researchers stressed that 5% of the components of the inks life new made up of calcium, and that the money resulting from the printing process similar to the tissue of the bone present in the vertebrae.

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