A new technique to entry the sites with fingerprints, face, instead of numbers the secret of traditional

Many years ago no one knew or even expected what is happening now from the boom in the technology world , after that was the world of smart phones, laptops, computers and convinced of his safety on the hemorrhoidal , become in the present day this museum is the primary fingerprint and face as in the iPhone X , and this is what difficult a lot of attempts to speed the penetration of these devices, but what if I told you that access to the websites would be that the footprint and the memory of the face instead of password.

What are the technical WebAuthn

There is a new standard will be applied on the World Wide Web to enable users to open websites by fingerprint, face, and the Protocol APIوالمعروف on behalf of the WebAuthn, allows the security services –such as readers fingerprint, cameras and other such devices for use in authentication in the login for sites

Reports said press technology to the Firefox browser supports this new technique known as WebAuthn it has also been reported that the Microsoft edge and Google Chrome within a few months he will be available to that property in them.

There is no any words about this feature in the Safari browser , where it will not allow Apple to have there are such things in iPad or iPhone or any of the devices Apple only through a browser supported by Apple own a dog on the Safari browser , where you are trying to Apple for its strict protection on the devices of their users .

Technically, talking about this property just recommendations , but its presence on the browser is a very important step in the way of achieving the desired objective .

And on the Apple they do not think the new standards quickly, but trying to slow it and we saw it in the support Apple offer the rich ji , but it was reported that Apple will do it sooner or later

It seems the biggest challenge is that it is going to be this new technology in the interests of user security, as in phones, or maybe open them a new door of Service, Electronic theft of users.

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