A new technology of LG to install antennas 5G in the screens of smart phones

Patent a new invention from LG is working on providing more space in the composition of the internal telephone, and by installing the antennas 5G to the bottom of the screen of the smartphone.


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In many of changes to the design of smart phones in the recent period, where the Giants of manufacturing the phone for the best design that supports the size of the thinnest in the smart phone, with the best view in full screen.

With the changes to the design of the camera selfie to update the display in full screen, go to other companies to gather many techniques in the screen of the phone to reduce the configurations to the phone and called the phones slimmer with more space to support the configurations are more important such as battery, for example.

We have seen during the financial period to integrate a fingerprint sensor in the screen, the integration of technical acoustics also as an alternative to headphones in the phone, but LG want to develop faster with its new integrate antennas 5G in the screen also.

These new details on LG coming through the recently published report, where they confirmed the report that LG want to provide more space inside the phone with its new, where the integrated antennas 5G or more accurately, will LG on Install movies antennas 5G in the back to the side of the screen.

It is expected that support this technique provides more space in the phone, as will also the efficiency in the distribution of signals 5G and improve reception.

Recall that the number of operations transmitted to the screen in constantly growing, with so many makers of smart phones to choose OLED screens, or change the design to the screen folding, to the side of the integration of technical acoustics user insight, and now antennas 5G too, which raises questions about the level that going to cost to change these screens in the future?.


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