A new tool from YouTube to inform the makers of the content when you steal their videos

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أداة جديدة من يوتيوب لإبلاغ صناع المحتوى عند سرقة مقاطع الفيديو التابعة لهم

Launched platform youtube new tool to bear the name of the Copyright Match to help the makers of the original content to find the videos of their own that has been reposted to Youtube by other people, and every time you upload a video on YouTube the tool will check whether the such content already exists or not and is it the same with the other videos present on the site. But this tool only determine the videos which treats fully lifted and not clips of them.

Here’s how the tool works: after downloading a video, will youtube survey to other videos uploaded to see if any of them similar or non-similar. In case of a match a notice will appear in the tab that bears the name matches Matches contained within the tool consequently you can determine what to do after that.

According to the publication through the blog to that it has been testing this tool with content makers for almost a year to make them safe and effective the community as a whole, has achieved good results in the discovery of stolen content.

Will be available tool for content who have more than 100 thousand subscribers starting next week. Will be put up to a greater number of users over the next few months.

Here’s what you need to know about this tool:

1 – It is important to be the first person who uploaded the video to YouTube. Where to download time is what will determine who should appear not to notice conformity.

2 – This new tool dedicated to Monitoring the processes of re-download videos, full and not sections of them, to ensure that problems like that may occur in the case that someone says by quoting a small clip of video what teach you, but if I found a clip from a video of yours and want it removed, you can always report it via the model property rights to the site.

3. After the tool finds a matching case will notice the makers of the content if copies of their video clips appear on the accounts of the other site.

4 – In case of a matching you can specify the action to be taken either not to do any procedure, or contact the owner of the other content, or request the removal of YouTube video.

5 – in the case of a request to remove a video from a channel other then youtube will do it after 7 days to inform the owner of the channel and it may correct the problem yourself and remove the video.

This has put the management of YouTube several factors to take advantage of the new tool, so you should before taking any action to assess each match carefully to make sure you own the rights of the matched content and make sure that it violates your ownership rights.

You must not submit a request for removal due to violation of the copyright content not owned exclusively, such as public content, you should also take into account whether the matched content can be considered within the classification of fair usage policy fair use -a legal principle that provides for the possibility of re-use of copyrighted materials in certain circumstances without obtaining permission of the copyright owner – or can be subject to some other exceptions to copyright and hence does not require permission to re-use.

Has youtube already has a similar program called Content ID, which helps copyright holders find people using their content without permission. No longer Content ID is more limited in its availability and, unlike this new tool, it also enables content owners to monetize unauthorized use of their work.

Thus this tool offers an ideal solution for phenomena, nasty on YouTube which consists in the violation of the property rights of the makers of original content on the site through the theft of their content by other users and published to take advantage of them.

Link to it from the source: a new tool of YouTube to inform the makers of the content when you steal their videos

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