A new update for the Apple device HomePod will bring with it many features, including phone calls

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Apple today announced new features for speaker smartphone Apple HomePod. In fact, I did Apple improve the digital assistant Siri on the device through a support more new features. One of these features is ” Search by Lyrics“, a feature that allows you to say something like ” served a song that starts as follows…” or ” run of the song that begins with ….”. After that will be the digital assistant Siri to search in the database of words of songs on iTunes and download the song on. However, it should be noted that this feature is only available in English.

The other feature that arrived to the digital assistant Siri on the smart speaker Apple HomePod is a required feature too. In the past, you could set temporary only one of the Apple device HomePod, but now you can set more than temporary at once.

Smart speaker Apple HomePod will also allow you to now make and receive calls. You can ask Siri to call someone in case if someone call your iPhone, you’ll be able to pick up the call on an Apple device HomePod. You can also ask Siri to tell you of missed calls. It should be noted that any call was made or received on an Apple device HomePod will be easy to transfer them to the iPhone.

Feature Find My iPhone made its way also to the smart speaker Apple HomePod. Just ask him to looking for your iPhone will start ringing. Finally, you will benefit smart speaker Apple HomePod of the feature Siri Shortcuts new in iOS 12. Can access any of the shortcuts saved on the iPhone or iPad on your Apple device HomePod also.

I didn’t reveal to us an Apple supplier that will have this feature available exactly on your Apple HomePod, but it will be released most likely in conjunction with iOS system 12, which will be released in the next week, and exactly on the 17th day of September.



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