A new update for the browser Firefox Focus improves the property to prevent tracking on the web


The company Mozilla recently released a new update for the browser Firefox Focus, which is a browser for mobile devices that focuses mainly on privacy. Having said that, the new update will improve the feature to prevent track users as they browse the internet so that you will be able to those who use the browser on the Android now to identify publishers who want to share data with them individually. Will get them to the browser also the reason their access to risky content.

Made Mozilla recently feature to prevent intolerance, improved browser Firefox computer. This feature provides users with options to adjust their privacy online. Users will be able to Firefox Focus to determine whether they want to block all cookies ( cookies ) on the website, or not to keep the profiles to connect at all, or cookies, or just Cookies external track which has been identified by the list of Disconnect Tracking Protection List.


This is a new option for the browser Firefox Focus which will help in the Prevention of intolerance across the sites. Users will be able to add websites to the ” wait list ” new in Firefox the Focus. This leads to the Prohibition of the cookies and your visit to the current page. Once you move users to another web site, is set setup.

There is a new feature for users of the browser Firefox Focus on the platform iOS also, they offer search suggestions. Were first released on the Android platform, in the month of October. Can activate the feature from the settings menu within the app. Generally, the newer update browser Firefox the Focus is now available for download via the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.


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