A new update for the game Fortnite will force the player to my Xbox One and Playstation 4 to fight each other

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Development between the players of Xbox and Playstation is not new, but it seems that the company Epic Games promote it effectively. In the last update for the game Fortnite, which says upgrading the latter to version 8.10, you will game Fortnite now compiling the users of the Xbox One and Playstation 4 together to fight each other.

Will update to make them play a participatory between the two devices players need to accept that in order to play. If they don’t do it, you’ll be the situation available limited to mode, Creative Mode and Playgrounds Mode. According to the company Epic Games, has clarified that the reason for this is that ” the motivating factor is the open possibility of transformation, which allows us to run more playlists during more hours of the day with the support of more of the sites data centers. Please provide us with your feedback on your experience! “.

It’s actually an interesting approach to an extent where the debate about computer games home the best still exists, thus forcing the player my Xbox One to fight against players of the Playstation 4 will go a long way in keeping this diversity alive. Late last year, has allowed Sony to finally in participatory ( Crossplay ) on the Playstation 4.

She refused the police carefully let in participatory in years past, but it seems that the popularity of the game Fortnite, which gave her a great deal of influence, led her to change her mind in the end.

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