A new update for the Google Pixel Buds works to improve communication and adjust the stats of the battery

Google Pixel Buds

The Google company issued a new update for the Google Pixel Buds. Made these headphones a great support for the digital assistant Google Assistant, but some users complain of some problems that it seems that the company I worked for solved with this update. Works update Google Pixel Buds the latest that has been released now to reduce delays and improve communication, and view accurate statistics of the battery.

Is designed to headphones Google Pixel Buds of Google Inc. in response to products such as the AirPods from the Apple TV. However, can’t consider these headphones real competition for the AirPods because this last is not wired, unlike headphones Google Pixel Buds that need a wire to connect the two speakers together. Even the cargo tray left a lot to be desired.

The update issued by the company, Google Now for Google Pixel Buds protects version 2.2185.230. Record refers to the changes that this update decreases the duration of the response, especially while playing games or videos on YouTube. After the factory reset, it will be possible to discover these things in a matter of seconds. You will hear the Google Pixel Buds also offer accurate statistics of the battery so that it will work 100% when the battery is fully charged.

Can those who own headphones Google Pixel Buds now check if this new update is available for them now by opening the Google app Assistant while headphones Google Pixel Buds coupled to the device, then move to Settings, and go then to the Google Account and then to the Pixel Buds. Likely to be issued this update in stages, so it might take some time before this update everyone.


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