A new update for the phone Two OnePlus 5/5T brings with it a new feature to improve battery life


Most of the smart phones available in the market today able to hold out for a couple of days max before needing a recharge. Of course, I improve battery life in smart phones since the launch of the first smart phone, but if you are looking for a smart phone will not only need to charge it once or twice a week, good luck in that task! However, this is what you seek improvements for the battery to achieve.

For phones OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T, you may be interested in the verification of the update to OxygenOS last for both devices, because one of the new features that have been included in this update by the company OnePlus is Sleep Standby Optimization. It is assumed that this feature helps users to conserve battery which helps the phone to work longer.

According to the company OnePlus, it has stated by saying : ” when activating this option, the system determines the pattern of your sleep intelligently based on your use of the phone. Then the phone after that turn off the network during certain periods of non-activity, which effectively reduces the energy consumption. The phone will automatically cancel any restrictions on the network and eject the phone from the operational status ( Sleep Standby ) before waking up so that you don’t miss any notifications like news updates, emails, etc.“.

The update is available already, but as explained by the company OnePlus, it has been released in stages which means that it will be a limited number of users initially before making its way to all users over the next few days.



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