A new update will be released to the phone OnePlus 7 Pro soon to improve the performance of the camera

OnePlus 7 Pro

Depends OnePlus 7 Pro phone leading already, but its price rivals some of the best smart phones available in the market today, so the company needs to extract each part of the performance of their new phone. Is the camera one of the areas in which even adults, but the company OnePlus to address it in early next week.

The rear camera of the tripartite phone OnePlus 7 Pro a good job in all scenarios, but the company OnePlus is facing difficult to compete with the best in the sector such as the +Galaxy S10 and Huawei P30 Pro, for example, but not limited to.

Complained a lot of the early adopters in the middle of OnePlus from the overall quality of the camera and assured the company representative that the team of developers working on fix the camera, which is the reform who should be released in the next week. According to the company OnePlus, it has stated by saying :

” Team works the camera all the time to analyze and solve problems. Each update contains the system code of the camera to improve the quality of the camera. I think that some of you received an update when you get OnePlus 7 Pro. This important update to the camera and I think you don’t want to miss. Moreover, we are working on the next update which will be put in within a week or so. This update contains improvements to the impact of HDR and Nightscape Mode, more adjustments based on some of the comments from you and the reviewers. Based on our tests, the images look much better “.

Based on what we can gather it, must be reckoned the next update of dynamic range and that makes putting a Nightscape Mode is a little better, he is in his current state away from Huawei and Google.


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