A new version of augmented reality glasses comes with facial recognition of NNTC

Move face recognition technology to a new level of sophistication today’s system with new technology, augmented reality that come the day of the company NNTC in the United Arab Emirates, which has developed a version of the glasses called recognition technology on people’s faces in public sites.

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The company disclosed the NNTC in the United Arab Emirates about a new version of the smart glasses with augmented reality, come see the new sophisticated face recognition technology, which can support to recognize the presence of persons in public places or airports, etc. from other sites.

I have made the glasses through the American company Vuzix, while supporting the company NNTC system control algorithm to face recognition, as the company works NNTC on the packaging of smart glasses in their final form before shipment.

And NNTC face recognition technology to New, entitled “iFalcon Face Control”, how come a system of augmented reality with a camera accurately 8 mega pixel camera integrated in the smartphone, where the camera scanning the faces of people in public sites and then compared to a database containing a million images, to notice the system smart when matching the face with one of the existing images in the database, and then display the image on the screen built-in lens of the glasses.

Recall that the company NNTC has produced a number of 50 units of smart glasses, where it is already deployed smart glasses in the security institutions in Abu Dhabi.


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