A new video presents the clearest look yet at iPhone 11 three

We are now two months after the expected announcement of the Apple TV set iPhone 11 new. Before this announcement, I got Marques Brownlee the owner of the channel MKBHD on YouTube on dummy models of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max iPhone 11R, which provides the clearest look so far at the new devices.

In the video, here is a closer look on the design of the new camera, which now features three lenses in the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max. Expected to be the new lens wide-angle lens, which allows users to capture images includes a field of view much larger. Been getting these phantom units by channel MKBHD from Sonny Dickson.

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It should be noted that models the illusion and confirms that the iPhone 11R will follow the same box the camera box in iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max. This is notable because the iPhone 11R will move from the preparation of one camera to the preparation of a dual camera, while the models iPhone other 11 will be based on the group of three lenses.

Other features include the Commons about in iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max wireless charging support duo, which allows you to charge devices Qi such as headphones Apple AirPods by placing it on the back of the iPhone. There are rumors about the iPhone 11 to remove the 3D technology Touch sensitive to pressure from Apple.

Watch the video practical full here:

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