A new virus threatens Mac OS

We all know how much attention Apple pays security on their operating system. Updates come out really fast if professionals or ordinary users cannot find a critical vulnerability or a bug in the OS. But nothing can be ideal and even the most sophisticated defense has its weaknesses – if you know where to look and how to do it.

As reported by the developers of the popular anti-virus.Web, computers on the base of macOS is exposed to new security problem — in a Network there was a new virus that bypasses security mechanisms of the OS.

Malware called Mac.BackDoor.Siggen.20. The program allows attackers to infect a Mac computer and run it on any code written in the Python programming language. The infection process occurs as follows:

  • A user visits the infected website, which masquerades as one of the social networks, e.g. Facebook or WhatsApp;
  • After that, the site detects the operating system of the computer and, depending on type, downloads a backdoor or Trojan. All this action is completely transparent to the user.
  • Leaving the site, the computer owner is not even aware that his device has just been exposed.

From the hands of criminals, according to web experts, injured about 300 users. According to the representative of Dr. Web, to protect your Mac is very easy — just install anti-virus software and regularly reviewed. Another, more conservative option is to wait for the appropriate updates from Apple, which will eliminate the corresponding error in the protection mechanisms of the operating system.

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