A new vulnerability to open your photos on the iPhone. how to protect yourself?

ثغرة جديدة لفتح صورك على آيفون.. فكيف تحمي نفسك؟

Could one of the researchers in the field of protection gaps which he had discovered a loophole to skip the security code in the phones of Evo’s that are running Apple’s newest iOS 12 to discover a new vulnerability in the operating system after updating it to a newer version.

Were able to Spanish Josie Rodriguez from the discovery hole in late September last allows you to hold the phone -any phone iPhone running iOS 12 – to give up the security code to the user photos and persons registered on the phone.

After update iOS to version 12.0.1 I Rodriguez to discover a new vulnerability enables access to your personal photos found on your phone and send it to anyone via the messaging app Apple Messages what constitutes a significant risk to the users again.

What distinguishes this new exploit. is that its implementation is extremely easy, so it is possible to exploit someone you know, so if you have a phone Evo you need War badly to not leave the phone to anyone as you have to close Siri just because it’s in the gap or at least close them on the lock screen from Settings.

And what know you of the seriousness also great is that the gap has become their details available to everyone and are present in the videos on YouTube but we will not publish the details of the principle of non-publication of any information that may be used use sucks, there’s no use right in any case.

Surely Apple will repair the gap very soon, but it doesn’t tip now but closed Siri in the lock screen of your phone. Phones iPhone of Apple computers and own them always what is to say they are safer but the reality says the opposite.

The Apple revealed last month about the phones New among which was the most expensive phone and the largest in the history of the company iPhone XS Max where that came from phones in conjunction with the latest version of operating system which includes the new gaps that enable access to your photos without your Will What can expose you to the seriousness of the large.

Do you have a phone of Evo’s? Close Siri by Page Lock Now and in the fastest time.

This topic is a new vulnerability to open your photos on the iPhone. how to protect yourself? Appeared first on say Delta Technology.

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