A partnership between Ericsson and Fujitsu to provide services fifth-generation

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Fujitsu has announced the leading Japanese industry technical trends and Xperia with long experience in the field of transport systems and the delivery of data; for a partnership in order to provide the services of the fifth generation in Japan, through plans to incorporate the network core and repeating the radio waves of their own to provide the network the mobile phone is powered by 5G.

As stated by the company Fujitsu on the lips of the heart by Tango must it will provide a flexible system of networks of the fifth generation specifications standard according to an expert in the field of wireless networks, said in the same context, the head of Department of networks at Ericsson free the jiggling; that our global expertise in the area of the fifth-generation networks and our understanding of the requirements of the market at the same time put us in an excellent place in support of bringing the services of the fifth generation of Japan.

Said the CEO of Ericsson Buji seem that the police station is located in Melbourne and a specialist in the field of web development were found to develop the technical direction of the company itself and its partners, where he stated that Ericsson is working with Intel to use the UE to choose the services of the Fifth Army.

It is worth mentioning that the Fujitsu has been conducting experiments on the services of the Fifth Army last year in collaboration with the Japanese telecommunications company NTT DoCoMo, where he conducted a transfer test high-speed film videos high resolution through the use of the transfer system antenna, within a process equipped with a modern.

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