A partnership between Lenovo, Intel and Riot Games launch throne Cup for the game League of Legends prizes $ 130 thousand

Related to the Lenovo and Intel with Riot Games to launch a cup bride for the game League of Legends prizes $ 130 thousand.

شراكة بين لينوفو و إنتل و Riot Games لإطلاق كأس العرب للعبة League of Legends بجوائز 130 ألف دولار

Announced the company Riot Games in the Middle East and North Africa it is entering a partnership with Intel and Lenovo to offer a regional tournament in the Middle East and North Africa, with the launch of the Cup race (IAC) to promote the mapping the electronic games industry and the development of talent in the game by the most famous League of Legends.

Tell Riot Games to cup the bride will take place over the whole year and in 13 countries in the Middle East and North Africa, is divided into two seasons and effectiveness of the regional in which one hero. This comes after months of the effectiveness of the “Nexos” opening, which was held in Saudi Arabia late 2019 and witnessed the participation of more than 4,000 players in a journey that lasted 28 days.

Speaking about the announcement, said Ali Muslim, Ahmet Director-General of the new team Riot Games in the Middle East and North Africa: “we want to prove our presence in the region and to provide the best possible experience for players, we have decided to enter into a partnership of Lenovo, Intel, in the belief that we share in the core values themselves, we want to interact with the community and help in the development of the Middle East and North Africa, including the talents used to highlight them.”

It is planned to apply the cup to the throne on 29 May in each of US; Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates. Will be the first season of the competition between these states national championships independent a stretch of four months to choose its Heroes finalists who will move to the regional tournament during the second season, will be held tournaments three ten synchronously with the broadcast at the end of each week on Channel League of Legends Arabia on the platform Twitch.

Awards the cup of the throne League of Legends up 130 thousand dollars

The companies allocated a range of prizes totaling $ 130 thousand dollars for the first season, they are divided evenly among the participating states on the oven top three.

Will be opening registration in the cup to the bride today and closes on May 12, so that the players register and run their teams in preparation for the first game that will be broadcast on May 15 at 09:00 pm KSA time.

Alireza added Kojic regional director for consumers at the Intel, Official Partner of the cup of the throne: “Intel continues to provide the techniques and performance of international players by Intel Core processors of Generation X for desktop computers and portable in order to enable the play of all his experiences. This partnership with Lenovo and Riot Games through which we seek to develop this tournament multinational in 13 Arab countries a chance to explore talent and create links between the community and the development of a new level of gaming fraud in the Middle East and North Africa. This point is the beginning of our journey we will work with our partners to continue the development of sports and games in e-commerce over the coming years.”

In turn, said Shashank Sharma, executive director and general manager of the branch of Lenovo in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa, provided the maker of the original equipment cup of the throne: “over the past few years we’ve seen the growth of the electronic games industry at a rapid pace in the Middle East and North Africa. The work with partners and industry leaders such as Riot Games, Intel, necessary to ensure the representation of local players and give them the same opportunities received by others around the world to socialize and compete on a large scale. We are proud to provide our players competing with the latest group of personal computers and accessories of the Legion designed to prevent the trade of audio-visual optimization in electronic games. We are confident that the Cup the bride will return with positive results on the product, and we hope that this is the first tournament between many of the tournaments that adhere to the states to share her passion for electronic games.”

It should be noted that Riot Games is the largest developer of games in the world, and its game League of Legends is one of the most popular sports currently.

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