A partnership between Rolls-Royce and Intel to develop a ships self-driving

شراكة بين رولز رويس وإنتل لتطوير سفن ذاتية القيادة

Rolls-Royce announced the British and rich from the definition in the automotive world for its signature partnership with Intel of America in its efforts to develop ships to enjoy the report of the self-driving, and aim to launch the first need by 2025, after that I started the first step of its work on the project in 2010.

For clarity, the more, the Rolls-Royce automobile is a branch different from the Rolls Royce which was built to develop the ships, the company developed a smart system to help ships that are driven by real people, through a system that has cameras, sensors, LIDAR, as well as radio. But the aim of its cooperation with Intel to transform the system, to help lead our vessels individually without the presence of the crew within it.

Rolls Royce

The company aims of the system and its future to recognize objects surrounding the vehicle from ships of different terrain to help them on the chain in the air and difficult to avoid accidents that can cause poor vision for the crew in a setting similar to this system, the company put him on a number of ships to stand on its effectiveness and take advantage of the information that it provides.

While most car companies to produce its cars self-driving, it was the direction of Rolls-Royce and various enter in the field of MG developed a system of self-driving ships.

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