A patent for augmented reality Samsung

A few days after rumours Apple abandoned on the draft system of augmented reality, free Samsung application for registration of a patent has the Patent Office of the United States of America.

And file patent system and the reality of enhanced folding, so that it operates automatically place the not folding, and sunglasses but with frames thick containing electronic components, including ARM processor. Included tires projector emits the images on small screens installed to take the field of vision of the user.

This description reminds us of the participation of “Monitorless” which reviewed the Samsung conference Mobile World in 2017, with the US system of enhanced reality can be connected to the smartphone by means of WiFi connection, to interact with the content displayed on the phone or even the computer attached to the phone.

This at the present time, the augmented reality glasses to drive not suitable for the average consumer, also take the form of a helmet and can enjoy freedom of movement during use as it request a wired connection to the computer normally, but system Samsung may feature easy-to-use.

In all cases, the existence of a patent does not necessarily mean the existence of a consumer product in the future, may also change the design of the final product from the patent description.

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