A patent from Apple describes a method of charging a preservative headphones AirPods on AirPower

Office issued patent in the United States a new patent was granted to Apple in relation to the portfolio of headphones AirPods wireless. Although the patent didn’t mention my name AirPods and AirPower, but the illustrations reveal the way in which you process the shipment of the portfolio of headphones AirPods on the base wireless charging AirPower.

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Usually the rules require wireless charging to put smart phones or other devices in a precise manner so that the shipping process efficiently, however, the Apple patent indicates it could develop a portfolio of AirPods on any place of the law of shipping.

It’s worth noting that Apple introduced this patent for the first time in September of 2017, as the company promised that it will launch the base of AirPower through 2018, but that didn’t happen because Apple has encountered some technical problems which led to the postponement of the launch, according to reports.

But, some recent reports suggest that Apple has surpassed this technical problems, and it is supposed to be launch soon.


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