A picture leaked realistic new, us device tablet Galaxy Tab A2

Galaxy Tab A S-Pen

Earlier this week, has been monitoring the Galaxy Tab A2 on the website of the FCC! FCC, and that’s what led to us getting some of the specifications of the technical. Now, we are here with some leaked images of the realism of this tablet, which reveal to us that it will come with Android Oreo, with interface Samsung Experience 9.0.

These images confirm to us also that the tablet Galaxy Tab A2 will screen frame slim Size 10.5-inch with 1920 x 1200 pixels. And, apparently, this tablet will be the bottom of the Galaxy Tab S4 directly from where the aspect of the technical specification. Regardless, it turns out also earlier this week that he will come with dimensions of 259.9 x 161.1 mm note that the tablet Galaxy Tab S4 will come with dimensions of 249.3 x 164.3 mm, as it will be available in two versions, one that supports WiFi networks only, while the version will support LTE as well.

The biggest change in this device is the new tablet compared to the tablet of Galaxy Tab the former is the removal of physical buttons below the screen, and exposed buttons virtual on-screen. Moreover, it will use USB Type-C instead of a MicroUSB port. Given that it has been remove the main button, the actual bottom of the screen, we wonder where will put the sensor fingerprints in case if Samsung are actually planning to include this sensor in the device.


Given that this tablet already has the authentication to the FCC! FCC, we believe it only a matter of time before the official unveiling of this tablet, although we do not expect to detect this device in the event that will be by Samsung for the Galaxy Note 9 in the ninth day of August next.



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