A piece of Tile to find missing your over the phone available now for a low price on Amazon

How many times have you lost your keys this month? How many times have you lost your wallet too? I think you spend a lot of time in search of missing your whether at home or work, but technology has provided us with several tools to facilitate life, from the piece linked to various things easier to find in case of loss. These pieces bear the name, Tile and links to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you can put it inside your wallet, linked to your keys or anything valuable, and therefore in the case of loss, you can login to the app on the phone include alarm, to become the process of finding them easier by tracing the sound. Here are some details:

  • Is the best selling in the world in its field, and smaller by 25% than the previous model as it is light, and therefore will not pose a problem in terms of size and weight.
  • Able to find your stuff quickly.
  • Lets find the phone in reverse, so that if you lose your phone, click on the button in the widget passed to the activate notice of the application.
  • Water resistant – up to standards and IP57.
  • Non removable battery, and for a whole year after re-Shipping In case of use expected.
  • The product on Amazon gives 4 pieces priced at$ 50, so you can put a piece inside the wallet, a piece of the inside of the bag, attaching pieces with the keys .. etc.

– Previous price: 59.99$ – Current price: 49.99$ – To buy: Click here. – Charging non-direct [youtube youtubeurl=”dxyajtakhPg” ][/youtube]

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