A professional photographer told how to do cool pictures on iPhone

No matter how good the camera of the flagship iPhone, to with it high-quality the will not for everyone. Therefore, in order to teach users how to create really cool photos, Apple training video, in which the role of the instructor takes the renowned photographer Christopher Anderson. According to him, it is enough to follow simple rules, to iPhone in your hands has become a professional tool for photography.

The first thing to think the photographer regardless of the tool of photography is the light, says Anderson. Look at how the lighting falls on the subject, does it create a shadow. Light can accentuate the advantages, and the shadow – on the contrary, to hide the flaws.

How to take good photos

The light can be transferred even where it would seem almost there. To do this is to use the means at hand. Often you can use them to make the shot better. For this perfect mirror, which allows you to redirect sunlight on your subject. And to make the frame more visually appealing, you can use almost any items, be it glasses, bottles, wire, or even your house keys.

How to handle photos

No less important in photography and post-processing. It can fix various flaws that were made in the process of photographing, and you can work with colors and shades and thus to change the mood. So, if you make the image more saturated, it will look more joyful, and if you put it in black and white shades, it’ll get more depressing. In short, it all depends on you and no matter what the ready.

But all of this particular, says Anderson. The main thing is not to be afraid to come up with something new, but photography is experimentation. In what conditions you shoot and how do it depends on the final result. And what you use for still photography, plays almost the most important role.

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