A real photo of the front facade for Nokia 9 reveal the possession of a bump in the screen

Expected to reveal the HDM – royal brand Nokia business – for a phone of its flagship Nokia 9 by the end of October or beginning of November.

Resort most of the smartphone manufacturers for the production of phones have the bump in the screen as the solution is cheap and lazy to overcome the dilemma of the narrow pelvis, and it seems that Nokia decided to get out of this “fashion” the production of smart phone the leading edges tight, and without overhang.

Nokia 9

Refer to to Nokia phone 9 perspective launched soon will come in dimensions 18:9 corners rounded with the presence of the side edges the supremacy of the lower narrow to some extent, it seems from the pictures the workmanship leaked to the earpiece and front camera sensors the other will be located in the top edge.

Earlier this month, appeared a real photo leaked of the phone reveal owning 5 cameras background, and while the details of these cameras are still not completely clear to us but we expect to be one of those cameras will be monochrome select the show details and the other dedicated to training visual and a third have a lens with wide angle.

Nokia X7

On the other hand, has spotted a real photo of the front facade for another phone of Nokia is the Nokia X7. Unlike versions previous 5X and 6X it is clear that – the Nokia X 7 – non-provider trick, which is what makes it similar to by far the phone of Nokia 9 home.

What do you think about this pictures? And do you think that the phone is associated with will achieve the success expected? Share your opinion in the comments.

The real picture of the front facade for Nokia 9 reveal the possession of a bump in the screen were first deployed in the are.

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