A realistic picture of the phone Vivo NEX 3 show us a screen of the waterfall that’s coming out


After the thrill of the screen of the waterfall diagrams for the design of the phone Vivo NEX 3 next, continued product manager in the company of Vivo, Mr. Li Xiang its promotional campaign by showing a realistic picture of the phone on the social network of Chinese Weibo. As you notice, the police used the phone Vivo NEX 3 the next screen includes more curvature on the sides compared with smartphones from other manufacturers such as Samsung and OnePlus.

Gives you the same photo with the lighting adjusted a better look at the phone and to the side edges of the relatively thick. Can be black straps just the trick software or to phone in a protective covering to prevent disclosure of a complete design at this stage. In both cases, we will have to wait for more confirmations from the company Vivo itself.


In the past, assured us Mr. Li Xiang to phone Vivo NEX 3 will support 5G, which will maintain the port headphones 3.5 mm. In addition, we have heard also that it will charge the phone most likely with the battery supports Quick Charging strongly 44W, but we haven’t seen official confirmation yet.


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