A record fine, unprecedented waiting Facebook

A record fine, unprecedented waiting Facebook.

Certainly not 2018 a good year to Facebook in terms of success the usual, where there were a number of issues that revolve around the abuse of personal data for members who their number approached 2 million .

Of course, as we continue with you in the technique of 24, were more chapters of the cold impact is the scandal of the Cambridge Analytical that saw the leaking of personal data from 87 million members showing the use of it without their consent.

Today it seems that the official reaction coming to see the social network first, with the utmost cruelty.

A record fine, unprecedented waiting Facebook.

غرامة قياسية غير مسبوقه تنتظر الفيس بوك

A record fine, unprecedented waiting Facebook.

Says the Washington Post ‘s according to three anonymous sources familiar with the project, the Federal Trade Commission to hit Facebook with a fine record after an investigation that began in March.

These sources affirmed according to the newspaper that the fine would far exceed the fine imposed by the commission itself on the company Google in 2012 due to violations of either the privacy, the time of $ 22.5 million .

The Federal Trade Commission, after the issuance of the news Cambridge Analytica, has decided to investigate the violation of the actions of Facebook, according to the consent decree, which it signed with the government agency in 2011 which prevents the social network first in the world in allowing the use of personal data of users without their permission.


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