A report on the hacked hundreds of accounts Instagram

Reported by hundreds of users of the application Instagram that their accounts had been hacked, with the possibility of the existence of the background of Russian in the process.

At the time that I made the Facebook owner – need – any comments on this issue, however, the site Mashable spotted some evidence to suggest a significant increase in the number of accounts for Instagram was compromised during the current month, during the last two weeks was registered about 800 tweets account Instagram on the site by users talking about the penetration of their accounts, compared with 40 tweets during the same period of last month, which means a very large increase.

In addition, it noted users of the website Reddit rising searches in Google for the phrase Instagram hacked significantly on 8 and 11 August.

According to users who have their accounts hacked all of the details have changed including address, email and phone number which makes the process of account recovery impossible. In most cases, the new email address from the scope of the Rus, has also been changing the profile picture to one of the Disney characters.

It’s common among all victims is that they do not use the property that log in two-step or two-factor authentication “two-factor authentication”, do you use this feature to secure your accounts?

Do you know your account on Instagram try to break through during the last few days? We shared your experience.

The report on the hacked hundreds of accounts for Instagram was first deployed in the are.

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