A resident of Australia, was arrested for stealing 100 thousand XRP at the peak rate of cryptocurrency

Citizen of Australia Katherine Nguyen was sentenced to imprisonment for a term of two years and three months for her part in stealing more than 100 thousand XRP in January 2018. In court, Nguyen pleaded guilty to the kidnapping of more than 300 thousand dollars in bitcoin, which was held in January 2018. The judge in the case of criminals Chris Craig noted that the decision to send her to prison was a “complex and problematic”. The Australian will be able to get out on parole in October, 2021.

Ripple XRP today occupies the third place in the overall ranking of cryptocurrencies. The course of the coin is 28.38 cents, which is 1.8 percent higher than a daily ago. The capitalization of the project is equal to 12.74 billion, while the trading volume for the day exceeded $ 1.85 billion.

The course record XRP recorded the fourth January 2018 — it amounted to 3.84 dollars. The current rate lags behind the maximum rate at 91.8 percent.

Here’s a chart of the behavior of the asset value for all time.

Курс XRP

The rate of XRP for all time

The first case of theft of the cryptocurrency in Australia

Nguyen was one of the first accused in the case about theft of digital assets in the country. It is reported that in January of 2018, she hacked e-mail 56-year-old male with the same last name as her. With this con artist managed to get access to his account on a cryptocurrency exchange and to withdraw coins, reports Cointelegraph.

That is, in this case she was helped by the coincidence of names. Obviously, this was easier to access funds even in case of any issues with security or anything like that.

Australian stole XRP at a very auspicious moment — then Aldon was trading close to its historical maximum value of 3.84 at the level of the dollar. Since the theft, the Ripple price has fallen more than 91 per cent, now over 100 thousand XRP you can get a little more than 30 thousand dollars.

We checked the charts cryptocurrencies. With the beginning of 2018, it looks like this.

цена монета XRP график

The fall in the price of XRP from the beginning of 2018

Katherine decided to sell the coins, moving them into the Chinese cryptocurrency exchange where traded XRP for bitcoins. Then Nguyen withdrew BTC to multiple wallets in an attempt to confuse the trail. According to Australian news edition 7News Sydney, the Chinese law enforcement authorities were able to recover only a small portion of the stolen coins in the equivalent of 9 thousand dollars. That is, it is possible that some money will return to its owner.

биткоин блокчейн криптовалюта

Cryptocurrency hackers

We believe that this is good news for the industry as a whole, because in this case, the law enforcement authorities of Australia declared the cryptocurrency as an asset and were able to catch the fraud. If such a crime occurred approximately five years earlier, hardly anyone from the police would give the crypt so much attention.

In many cases, theft of coins ends for victims of the hackers nothing. Yet, if you try, due to the anonymous nature of cryptocurrency scammers to confuse the law enforcement authorities off the trail. As example, hacking Bitfinex in 2016, when the exchange stole 120 thousand BTC at a cost of 1.38 billion dollars at the current rate. The new “owners” of the cryptocurrency was never found, and this did not help including the generous offer of the representatives of the platform. Read more about the award and read the situation in a separate article.

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