A Reuters report confirms the pull of Google to license Android from Huawei

The report revealed Reuters about the latest developments sustained by Huawei after the imposition of the Prohibition of the blacklist and the decision of Google to stop the existing business with Huawei, the report noted that Google has already decided to stop the license landed for Huawei to force the Chinese giant to turn to open source during the next period.

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The availability of Huawei’s biggest challenges now threatening the Department of smart phones with Google’s decision to stop its work with Huawei as a result of the ban on the company, and the new decided the search giant to take steps faster towards the implementation of the restrictions the ban on the Chinese giant, where he confirmed a Reuters report on Google’s decision to halt the license landed Huawei.

I’ve been stuck on Google for its recent decision that they are not able to sell the license to their own software Huawei without the consent of the US administration in the beginning.

The spokesman confirmed the company Google that the company is committed to update the software on the Huawei phones existing all over the world, so it may not show the effect of the decisions of the recent Google in current time on the users of Huawei phones, but that the effect of these decisions will appear in the end with the software updates provided for this phones and new versions for sure.

On the other hand, will Google’s decision to halt the license landed Huawei to bearings last use the project Android Open Source or AOSP on its smart phones, but that open source software will not be a good alternative definitely on the hard version, so you won’t have user services and application updates available on the Huawei phones, and also will not stop protection updates phones quickly before available on AOSP.


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