A Reuters report confirms the stop Alphabet Inc. for its participation with Huawei

Confirmed a new report from the Reuters network news that Google began to shut down some of its engagement with the Chinese giant in the framework of the Black List which is developed from the US President Trump.

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I started the fallout of the blacklist developed by Trump to impact more strongly on the Chinese giant Huawei, in a new development referred Reuters network that Google has started to turn some of its shared with Huawei, which come from services that are transferred to the devices from a software or technical services, to use services available to users through the open source license.

The source confirmed to Reuters that this decision comes as the strongest blow received by Huawei from the United States government, after seeking the US government to publish and implement a black list all over the world.

On the other hand, confirmed a spokesperson from Google that the company will be available to users of Huawei phones current update, using Google apps, also available to users of Huawei devices and current services of the Google Play Store, with protection updates of Google Play.

As pointed out by another source from Huawei to be the fallout of Google’s decision the new will affect the receive phones updates landed, while you do the next versions of the Huawei phones feature access to the services of Andre, Google Play, apps YouTube to the side of the hungry mile and out of China in particular.

Will also affect Google’s decision on Huawei in access to the services of dating of intellectual property rights to the company Google.

Recall that the Ministry of foreign affairs in the United States of America indicated last Friday that it is discussing reducing the restrictions imposed on the company Huawei, while the lawyer of the company Huawei on the impact of the blacklist on the company in the coming period.


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